okbet How to bet on basketball - A basic strategy

How to bet on basketball – A basic strategy

Betting on basketball consistently may lead to consistent and significant financial gains. In basketball, even the finest players’ mistakes and moments of brilliance may frequently determine the outcome of a game. Given that each game might take any of a myriad of unexpected turns, many bettors believe it is difficult to maintain a consistent betting strategy.

You are correct in saying this. Consistency in your betting strategy and tactics will provide you the greatest chance of success when betting on basketball throughout the duration of a tournament, such as the FIBA World Cup or Olympic Basketball Tournament, or a season, such as the NBA season.

These are among the most alluring approaches to betting on basketball, and you should work on perfecting them.


Taking a Chance Against the Crowd

Betting against the public is one of the most effective strategies to improve your basketball betting strategy. To put it another way, if you notice the crowd rallying behind one side, it’s probably best to put your money on the other. The fact that you won’t run across a bad sportsbook or bookmaker very often should be all the reminder you need that the masses often make incorrect predictions when they wager.

Because the sportsbook wants to minimize the odds for the bulk of bettors heaping on to one specific event or team, you’ll discover that betting against the public typically produces a decent return.

Sports bettors tend to favor the favorites and the overs market, and when you include in the exaggerated expectations created by the media, you end up with an unrealistic picture of what will really occur in a given sporting event. The psychological impact of such predictions, even when a team is strongly favored to lose, may strengthen their resolve and make them more motivated to escape loss. This is why betting against popular opinion on the over/under market may provide profitable results.


It may be profitable to wager in opposition to the herd or to watch for a shift in the line that runs counter to the way most punters are wagering. Many factors go into determining betting lines at sportsbooks, so when the bulk of the market is betting one way but the line swings another direction, you know there is something to take an interest in. Perhaps the smart money, or the big bets from individuals or syndicates, are flowing in on the other side from where the public is leaning.

The Orlando Magic and the Denver Nuggets are two such teams. If the opening line is Orlando Magic -14 and Denver Nuggets +14, and a large percentage of the market is betting on the Nuggets (let’s say 80%), but then the lines move to Orlando Magic -13 and Denver Nuggets +13, you can be sure that something is happening that is at odds with what the majority of bettors are thinking.

Consequently, you should try to locate a different bookmaker that still has Orlando at +14 and then make a bet on them.


When there is a huge and sudden change in the sports betting market as a whole, this is known as a major line shift. There are a variety of factors that may contribute to this, but one of the most important is the involvement of organized gambling syndicates that place massive bets on a single event. Many of the wagers available on the basketball market shift as a result of this.

Remember that large players and syndicates have the financial wherewithal to suffer a large number of losses, and don’t simply blindly follow the crowd when this happens. Keep in mind that the major players in basketball betting often make massive bets in order to manipulate the market to their own advantage. In order to influence the market, it is typical practice for large players or syndicates to wager 50,000 units on the home team, and then, after seeing how the market reacts, wager another 150,000 units on the original bet. This will provide them the points movement they want, increasing their potential profit by more than the 50,000 units they were willing to give up.

Larger companies often use this strategy, but you may too if you keep up with market shifts. Keeping up with the market and acting swiftly is essential for this kind of basketball betting, which is obviously more complicated. However, if you have the means to do so, shifts in the betting market might provide you with a chance to increase your profits. There are instances when timing is more important than searching for a certain approach to put bets when it comes to basketball.


Keep in mind that basketball betting sites are businesses that want to maximize profits by shading sports betting lines in their favor. They are not fully trustworthy entities giving you an objective prediction of the final score. There are a few reasons why sportsbooks could change their odds and lines from what they really feel are the actual chances for a result, despite the fact that the odds on offer are a reflection of an event that has yet to occur.

The odds at a sportsbook may be skewed in order to serve as a loss leader in the hopes of attracting new customers; this strategy may pay off in the long run. It is not uncommon for sportsbooks to take advantage of human nature by shading the lines in favor of the favorites, knowing that this is where the majority of bets would be placed. You should constantly keep in mind that a sportsbook understands that they may obtain a considerably greater return in the long run if they manipulate the odds available for a given event, and that this frequently offers the foundation for discovering true value. There’s also the truth that occasionally the books make a bad call.

Businesses like sportsbooks exist to make a profit

Since sportsbooks are under constant pressure to improve their profit margins, they often inflate or otherwise modify their odds in favor of their own commercial interests. To profit by going against the grain and locating the places where sports betting lines are not being provided as a realistic depiction of the actual probabilities of a sporting event, it helps to have inside knowledge or confidence in a shock happening.

Here, comparing the odds offered by other sportsbooks and getting a sense for the consensus of opinion might be helpful. If you see a shift in one sportsbook’s lines, you could also see that shift in the rest of the market. This is particularly true with online sportsbooks, which tend to mirror each other’s actions. This doesn’t imply that everyone agrees on the conclusion; rather, it indicates that the competing businesses aren’t keen on letting one company or sportsbook reap all the financial benefits.

By analyzing the odds and being fast on your feet, you can see whether the sportsbooks are offering market-representative odds or if they are shading particular chances for their personal benefit. In this case, going against the grain of the market consensus will pay off.


As a corollary, shopping around for the best odds on forthcoming events is a solid strategy for basketball betting. Many online sportsbooks already provide futures markets for wagering on the 2014 FIBA World Cup, which will be held in Spain. United States odds are 1.30 on Bwin, while those for Spain are 3.50, those for France are 21.00, and those for Argentina are 31.00.

To the contrary, okbet has odds of 1.40 on the USA, 2.75 on Spain, 36.00 on France, and 34.00 on Argentina. There are currently two odds on the same site that are identical, and the spread between them is fairly significant. However, the spread between the odds provided for France and the odds offered for Spain is much smaller. This is just one example of the wide variety of odds you will discover at other sportsbooks; you may believe the United States is a lock to win the tournament and that the other odds are irrelevant.

Futures markets will always have a wide range of prices since there will always be an obvious favorite and teams that are considered as outliers in every given basketball tournament or season.

Sports bettors who are content with a single sportsbook account for all of their wagers might be leaving a lot of money on the table over the course of a year. It doesn’t matter much where you place a losing bet, but the payout you get on a winning bet might vary substantially based on the odds offered by different sportsbooks.


okbet bet on basketball

Focusing on how much money was earned isn’t necessarily the greatest indicator of success while searching for basketball betting tactics or tips. Instead, you should evaluate your progress based on the number of units you’ve won; this will give you a more accurate picture of how well your methods are working.

You may better assess the efficacy of your approach by considering the units on offer and betting with a constant proportion of your bankroll over the course of a tournament or season.

For instance, you could consider a strategy that provides a 60% handicap is preferable than one that provides a 55% handicap. However, let’s assume that the 60% handicap was acquired by making one wager every day and the 55% handicap was acquired by making 150 bets per month. A 9.3 unit return may be expected from the 55% handicap scheme, whereas 4.8 units are expected with the 60% handicap method. Looking at the available units, the lesser proportion offers a far greater return.

Numerous basketball wagers may be placed, and there are constantly upcoming games and tournaments to wager on. Looking at different basketball methods and betting consistently can help you enhance your odds of receiving a regular return on your investment, which is important if you want to obtain a substantial return over the long run.

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